Okay, so there is no theme, no projection of one, maybe it’s going to be just freewriting, nothing planned in advance and why even ask that, in which case the blander the better. Well, it’s a space to let loose and not be entirely private, but certaintly it’ll never find it’s way (from my directive anyway) to my students; I’ve taken it off my Linkedin…you know I teach how to write effectively in various contexts, and this is not a context that I care to share anymore, I haven’t in years–not since I left Cleary and invited students to comment maybe for extra credit but certainly as part of their own online writing assignment. So why bother putting it out there at all? To avoid being too insular, letting all those sentences sit forever in drawers and folders. To spawn through a multitude of trivial posts for which I have no inclination to gain Likes, let alone Shares. 


Well, it–my spending more than 10 minutes caring–all started when I realized that in all likelihood, the battle for an acceptable office chair had finally come to an end, and…then my keyboard’s batteries died, and my resolve was put to the test. Now if I’m really serious I’ll dig up the legal pads my wife bought last week to assist in her jobs research. What waste of time, pen and paper; the legal pad knows this. Fill up a page and rip it off.

Screw This

Blogging just ain’t for me, I’m telling myself. It hasn’t been for years, and even then, it wasn’t. That wasn’t blogging, it was drafting, spewing–towards a literary criticism. I’m only on here because I can be sure that it won’t be lost in the digital ether between my tablet and my laptop…my laptop, I use for work. It’s big and powerful, with keys spread confidently across a handsome black surface. It’s not for play. A bluetooth keyboard separate from the screen it’s sent to, however–isn’t that enticing? So, thanks, WordPress, for saving my drafts. Blogger is not on Kindle, and neither is Tumblr. (Well, there’s a client app. Screw that.)